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New York City Department of Transportation
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Doing Business with DOT
Requests For Proposal

The New York City Department of Transportation purchases goods, services and construction in excess of $500 million each year. We procure via a combination of RFPs, BIDs and other competitive means.

We seek the highest level of competition for our procurements. DOT also issues competitive solicitations for concessions to ensure that the City receives the highest return – whether in monetary payment or services – for the use of its property.

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Current RFPs
Future RFPs
Closed RFPs
Other business opportunities with DOT

Future RFPs
DOT anticipates issuing the following Requests For Proposals.

Below is the key for abbreviations:
REI: Resident Engineering Inspection
TD: Total Design
CSS: Construction Support Services

Future RFPs
Project IDProject DescType of ServiceEst Release DateSolicitation Method
BRX2110TD/CSS for Boston Road Bridge over Bronx River in the BronxTD/CSS1/31/2018Open Competitive
HBMA24529TD/CSS for W 155th St. Pedestrian Bridge over AMTRAKTD/CSS1/16/2018Pre-Qualified List
HBMA24662TD/CSS for West 128th St. Bridge in ManhattanTD/CSS1/16/2018Pre-Qualified List
HBQA70551TD/CSS for 167th Street Pedestrian BridgeTD/CSS12/29/2017Pre-Qualified List
HBBA06672TD/CSS for East 174th Street over Sheridan Expressway - Amtrak, Borough of The BronxTD/CSS1/31/2018Open Competitive
HBKA23142TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of Belt-Shore Parkway Bridge over Bedford Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Sheepshead Bay Road & Ocean AvenueTD/CSS1/31/2018Open Competitive
HBQA23081TD/CSS for Astoria Boulevard Eastbound Bridge over I-278 (BQE West Leg)TD/CSS2/02/2018Pre-Qualified List
BRKA24039TD/CSS for Grand Street Bridge over Newtown CreekTD/CSS1/18/2018Open Competitive
HBK4470TD/CSS for Seely Street Bridge over Prospect AvenueTD/CSS2/01/2018Open Competitive
HBBA24245TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of East 233rd Bridge over Bronx River, Borough of the BronxTD/CSS2/28/2018Open Competitive
HBQ1130TD/CSS for Woodside Avenue Bridge over LIRRTD/CSS1/04/2018Open Competitive
HBX199TD/CSS for E153rd Street Bridge at Park Avenue over RRTD/CSS2/07/2018Pre-Qualified List
SANDHB2UTD/CSS for Sandy ER Betterments for Battery Park & West Street UnderpassesTD/CSS1/11/2018Open Competitive
HBMA26724TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of Harlem River Drive Ramp to GWB over Harlem River Drive SB (Trans-Manhattan Expwy), Borough of ManhattanTD/CSS3/01/2018Open Competitive
HBM1165AREI Services in connection with Rehabilitation of Riverside Drive Bridge over West 158th Street, Borough of ManhattanProf. Serv1/12/2018Open Competitive
HBMFDNY20TD & CSS to Bring the Following Three Locations in compliance w/NYC Fire Codes: Overbuild Bridge (Amtrak Tunnel), 1st Avenue Tunnel, & Park Avenue TunnelTD/CSS1/04/2018Open Competitive
 REI Services in connection with Rehabilitation of Grand Concourse Bridge over Metro North Railroad Hudson LineProf. Serv2/06/2018Open Competitive
 Furnish & Install Solar Panels on 300 West 206th Street and 1400 Williamsbridge Road - Bronx and ManhattanProf. Serv12/28/2017Open Competitive
HBMA24613TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of East Drive (Willowdell Arch) Bridge over Pedestrian Path Opposite to East 67th StreetTD/CSS2/06/2018Open Competitive
HBBA24180TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of East 183rd Street Bridge over Metro North Railroad Harlem Line, Borough of the BronxTD/CSS3/01/2018Open Competitive
HBBA24138TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of Pehlahm Bay Park Equestrian Bridge over Amtrak-CSX, Borough of the BronxTD/CSS2/15/2018Open Competitive
HBX1670A, HBX1215A,REI Services in connection with Rehabilitation of E. 169th St/Metro North RR Harlem Line, Replacement of E. 175th Street/Metro North RR Harlem Line, & Replacement of E. 180th St/Metro North RR HarlemProf. Serv2/08/2018Open Competitive
HBPK17KZ and HBPK27KCSS for Reconstruction of Ped. Bridges over Belt Parkway; 17th Avenue Ped Bridge, and 27th Ave Ped Bridge, Boroughs of Brooklyn and QueensCSS1/30/2018Open Competitive
HBPK17KA and HBPK27KREI Services in connection with the Reconstruction of Pedestrian Bridges over Belt Parkway (17th Avenue Bridge & 27th Avenue Bridge)Prof. Serv4/02/2018Open Competitive
 Design & Install an Innovative and Functional Solar Canopy over the Brighton Beach Municipal Parking LotDesign1/31/2018Open Competitive
HBM191TUNTD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of 191st Street Pedestrian Tunnel over Broadway & IRT#1 Subway, Borough of ManhattanTD/CSS4/03/2018Open Competitive
HBKA24310TD/CSS for the Rehabilitation of Beverley Road over BMT Subway Brighton, Borough of BrooklynTD/CSS4/04/2018Open Competitive
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