Requests For Proposal (RFPs)

NYC DOT purchases over $500 million of goods, services, and construction each year. We procure via a combination of RFPs, BIDs, and other competitive means. We seek the highest level of competition for our procurements.

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Future RFPs

NYC DOT anticipates issuing the following RFPs.

Abbreviations Key:

  • REI: Resident Engineering Inspection
  • TD: Total Design
  • CSS: Construction Support Services
Project ID Project Description Type of Service Estimated Release Date Solicitation Method
HBKA24382 & HBKA2437 TD/CSS 21st Ave RR BR & 64th St and TD/CSS 19th Ave over BMT Sea Beach TD/CSS 04/29/2024 Open Competitive
HBKA24315 & HBK24314 TD/CSS Foster Avenue over BMT Subway and Newkirk Avenue over BMT Subway, Brooklyn TD/CSS 04/08/2024 Open Competitive
HBQ1208 Linden Blvd Bridge over Cross Island Parkway, Bro. of Queens TD/CSS 04/15/2024 Prequalified List
HBM224650 Fort Tryon Pl over Entrance From Riverside Dr., Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 05/13/2024 Prequalified List
HBM245230 W148th Street Ped Bridge over Amtrak 30th St Branch, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 05/22/2024 Prequalified List
HBQ224814 Meridan Rd over Stream North of LIE, Borough of Queens TD/CSS 06/05/2024 Prequalified List
HBQ231880 Crocheron Park Ped Bridge over BCIP, Borough of Queens TD/CSS 04/10/2024 Prequalified List
HBM224625 East Drive over Transverse Road #3, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 04/25/2024 Prequalified List
HBM224628 West Drive over Transverse Road #4, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 05/09/2024 Prequalified List
HBM224624 West Drive over Transverse #2, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 05/30/2024 Prequalified List
HBM224643 West 110th St Entrance (MountCliff Arch) over Pedestrian Path Opp W109th St, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 06/19/2024 Prequalified List
HBMA24646 W77th St Entrance (Eaglevale Arch) over Pedestrian Path Opp W77th St, Borough of Manhattan TD/CSS 06/03/2024 Prequalified List